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“Peters is a standout among the overcrowded scene of singer/songwriter folk-pop.” RELEVANT Magazine

“It’s clear that Eric Peters has a love for literature and an ear for a great pop hook. Peters has the skills of a seasoned artist.” - Christianity Today

Originally hailing from south Louisiana, Eric Peters is as genuine as he is down to earth. What you see is what you get. Eric is an artist at heart. Unafraid to laugh at himself, he also knows when it is time to be quiet. A performing singer-songwriter since 1993, he has recorded nine albums, is a member of the Square Peg Alliance (Andrew Peterson, Jill Phillips, Andy Gullahorn, Andrew Osenga etc.), is currently writing his first book, a photographic memoir (tentatively titled, Far Side of the Sea). Eric is also a painter, a dabbler in folk sculpture (The Daily Piece), and is an avid book collector (The Book Mole).

Eric’s art works on multiple levels – his beautiful melodies and images are immediately accessible, but his intentions continue to emerge long after the first impressions fade away. The varying layers continually reveal new discoveries the deeper and harder one looks.

“I have, from the beginning, sought to bring something pretty into the world, to write words and paint scenes I myself would like to hear and see, if only to remind myself that, though so often obscured, the light is not, nor will it ever, be overcome by darkness.”

“I trust that my work is interpretative, not merely instructional. While instruction can be instantaneous and fleeting, interpretation allows for the factor of time: Time to heal, time to breathe, time to forgive, time for anger, time for failure, time for success, time to change, and time to become.”

Recurring themes of faith and hope-triggered plotlines are simply an echo of who Eric Peters is, his experiences, and his attempts to understand his own fallible world. “I am doomed without the strong and tender hand of mercy. I hope to share that of myself: the tangible and intangible, the noble and despicable, the manageable and mysterious.”

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Touring & Discography:
  • 2014: Counting My Rings: B-sides (digital only release)
  • 2011: Played the Ryman Auditorium stage
  • 2011: Co-wrote song “In This Hour” with Jill Phillips (In This Hour)
  • 2011: Songs “You Can Be Yourself”, “The Storm”, “Don’t Hold Your Breath” placed in Tulane University ads
  • 2011: Under the Radar national house show tour
  • 2010: Video for “Don’t Hold Your Breath” (Directed by Patrick Gines)
  • 2010: Song “Epic” placed in New Orleans Entrepreneur Week ad
  • 2010: Commissioned song, “Don’t Hold Your Breath,” written for When The Waters Rise film project
  • 2009: Chrome
  • 2009 : “Revenge of the Birds” (Children-of-all-ages epic adventure space novella)
  • 2006 : Played the Ryman Auditorium stage
  • 2006 : Toured with Andrew Peterson’s “Behold The Lamb of God” Christmas Tour
  • 2006 : Scarce
  • 2004 : Bookmark
  • 2003 : Miracle of Forgetting
  • 2002 : Toured with Andrew Peterson
  • 2001 : Land of the Living
  • 1999 : Toured with Bebo Norman
  • 1999 : More than Watchmen (EP)
  • 1998 : Toured with Bebo Norman
  • 1997 : Ridgely, The Only Thing
  • 1996 : Toured with Caedmon’s Call
  • 1995 : Ridgely, Ridgely (Eric’s former band)
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The subjects of ornithology, nachos, history, and the season of fall are greatly influential.