Eric Peters lives in a hole in the ground with his myriad exotic pets, a pair of cackling ganders, and a trio of servant mice named Ralphie, Certain, and Musket. Eric spends his days fireside sipping cafe au lait, dawdling, and yawning. He jogs barefoot, and prefers a wildly overgrown lawn.


Eric lives in an eclectic, historic neighborhood in east Nashville with his wife and their two sons. When he's not on the road playing music in front of humans, he tries to write songs, and every few years records them. An artist, Eric paints canvases and creates folk-art sculptures made from repurposed materials (Daily Piece). Eric enjoys both the reading and collecting of old books, ornithology, tinkering, and eating well-seasoned nachos. He rarely jogs, and he hates snakes.

“Peters is a standout among the overcrowded scene of singer/songwriter folk-pop.” – RELEVANT Magazine

“It’s clear that Eric Peters has a love for literature and an ear for a great pop hook. Peters has the skills of a seasoned artist.” – Christianity Today

Touring & Discography:

  • 2016: Far Side Of The Sea
  • 2016: Far Side Of The Sea: A Photographic Memory (photo-essay companion book)
  • COMING 2016: Earth Has No Sorrow hymns project
  • 2015: Tour with Andrew Peterson (Burning Edge Of Dawn)
  • 2015: England tour with Andrew Peterson
  • 2014: Counting My Rings: B-sides (digital only)
  • 2012 Tour with Andrew Osenga (Leonard The Lonely Astronaut)
  • 2012: Birds Of Relocation
  • 2011: Played the Ryman Auditorium stage
  • 2011: Co-wrote song “In This Hour” with Jill Phillips
  • 2011: Songs “You Can Be Yourself”, “The Storm”, “Don’t Hold Your Breath” placed in Tulane University ads
  • 2011: Under the Radar national house show tour
  • 2010: Video for “Don’t Hold Your Breath” (Directed by Patrick Gines)
  • 2010: Song “Epic” placed in New Orleans Entrepreneur Week ad
  • 2010: Song “Don’t Hold Your Breath” placed in When The Waters Rise film
  • 2009: Chrome
  • 2009 : Revenge of the Birds (Children-of-all-ages epic adventure space novella)
  • 2006 : Played the Ryman Auditorium stage
  • 2006 : Tour with Andrew Peterson’s “Behold The Lamb of God” Christmas Tour
  • 2006 : Scarce
  • 2004 : Bookmark
  • 2003 : Miracle of Forgetting
  • 2002 : Tour with Andrew Peterson (Clear to Venus)
  • 2001 : Land of the Living
  • 1999 : Tour with Bebo Norman
  • 1999 : More than Watchmen
  • 1998 : Tour with Bebo Norman
  • 1997 : Ridgely, The Only Thing
  • 1996 : Tour with Caedmon’s Call
  • 1995 : Ridgely, Ridgely (Eric’s former band)

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