• Counting My Rings: B-sides Counting My Rings

    Occasionally in an artist’s (me) career (mine), there are leftover songs, extras, B-sides—lagniappe, if you will. These are complete songs (produced, recorded, and mixed) that, for various reasons, have failed to find a home on any album.

    COUNTING MY RINGS: B-SIDES (2014) $6.00

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  • Ha Ha T-Shirt + BiRDS CD Bundle BiRDS-HaHa-combo1-150x150

    Brown, 100% cotton shirt + BiRDS OF RELOCATiON CD




    “The story Eric tells on Birds of Relocation is his own escape story. It’s the airborne travelogue of a grateful, singed survivor, the record of one songbird whose shining eyes are turned suddenly skyward. We may be troubled where we perch, but this is the year for relocation. It’s finally plain: The sky must be enjoyed.” ~ Sam S.

    BiRDS OF RELOCATiON (2012)  $12.00

  • Box Set box set

    Includes: BiRDS OF RELOCATiON, Chrome, Scarce, Miracle of Forgetting, The Only Thing


  • Chrome Chrome Cover Square

    “Beauty is often born out of difficulty and Chrome is no exception. Under the watchful eye of Ben Shive, darker lyrical content than past fare by Peters was infused with musical light. The upbeat music often belies an honest recognition that life is hard and things don’t always work out the way we dream.” ~ Chris R.

    Chrome (2009) $10.00

  • Scarce scarce

    “Eric Peters’s body of work addresses a diverse range of topics, but hope is a recurring theme that gently percolates in the midst of it all. The lyrics from Scarce – while intermittently contrite and timorous as in previous efforts – now radiate an underlying grit and security.” ~ The Rabbit Room

    Scarce (2006)  $10.00

  • Bookmark bookmark
    An acoustic album.

    Bookmark (2004)

    Bookmark - Eric Peters

  • Miracle of Forgetting MOF cover

    “This album is a regular in my CD player – the entire album is beautiful, not just because of the melody and music… but also the lyrical content. Peters has a literary style of writing, great at storytelling, but also at being honest with the joys and pains of the Christian life.” ~dan_gsbc

    Miracle of Forgetting (2003)  $10.00

  • Land of the Living Land_of_the_Living
    “First and foremost, Eric Peters is a consummate songwriter with a proficiency for writing attractive melodies.” ~ The Phantom Tollbooth

    Land of the Living (2001)

    Land of the Living - Eric Peters

  • More Than Watchmen MTW cover
    More Than Watchmen (1999)

    More Than Watchmen - EP - Eric Peters
  • The Only Thing Ridgely TOT cover

    Ridgely (EP’s former band)

    The Only Thing (1997)  $5.00

  • Ridgely EP Ridgely EP cover2

    Ridgely (EP’s former band)

    Ridgely EP (1995)

    Ridgely - EP - Ridgely