What People Say… About BiRDS OF RELOCATiON

“In painting, chiaroscuro is the effect of depth and luminosity created by sharp contrasts between light and shadow. I kept thinking of this word as I listened to BiRDS OF RELOCATiON. I heard a portrait there–a canvas swathed in bleak tones of past troubles, out of which emerges a brilliant face illumined by thankfulness. A searingly honest songwriter, Eric has earned the right to sing of light and hope because he knows how deep the darkness can be.”
Jennifer Trafton (author of The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic)

“One of the best records I’ve ever heard.  Seriously, maybe top 20 all-time… I think if Rich Mullins had been given more time here, and if God had blessed his life with love and a wife, if he had the chance to see as much of the relational beauty as he saw of the natural beauty, I think he might have written some songs like the ones we find on BiRDS OF RELOCATiON.  And you know that’s about the highest praise I can give someone.  You will not find a combination of more beautiful poetry, raw honesty, and gorgeous melodies for a long time.”
Todd Agnew (Fair Trade Services recording artist)

“BiRDS OF RELOCATiON is a soul awakening, triumphant, honest survey of a year of life and loss. Eric’s tell-it-like-it-is voice combined with these aching melodies come together to pronounce both heartache and hope, bringing these two opposite sides of the same coin into view simultaneously. This musical offering is a needed spark of inspiration in a cultural moment heavy with cynicism. These songs speak. They lift. They comfort. Eric skillfully blends melancholy with sunshine. And the end result is magnetic.”
Sandra McCracken (singer-songwriter)

“Eric Peters is a chronicler of his journey; he’s been a faithful steward of the story God is telling through him, and this newest chapter, BiRDS OF RELOCATiON, is Eric’s testimony that along the way there are moments of deep joy and gratitude–they may seem brief, but they’re bright, and they’re worth singing about. The joy I hear on this record heralds a long and welcome peace.”
Andrew Peterson (Centricity Music recording artist, author of The Wingfeather Saga)

“I love Eric’s BiRDS OF RELOCATiON–beautiful lyrics, beautiful melodies–these songs stay with you.”
Sally Lloyd-Jones (author of The Children’s Storybook Bible, Song of the Stars)

“There are people who write good songs. Then there are people like Eric Peters, who invest so much life and energy into their songs that they make your heart cry about the broken world, ache for something better, and feel joy over glimpses of hope, love, and redemption, all over the course of just one record’s worth of songs. BiRDS OF RELOCATiON is a beautifully balanced example of that kind of musical creativity. It’s the kind of record that makes your mind peacefully settle down and rest in the things that matter most about life. That’s a big thing to say about a handful of songs, but it’s true, and it makes this album well worth many, many careful listens.”
Travis Prinzi (author of Harry Potter & Imagination: The Way Between Two Worlds)

“Mature but not morose. Fun but hardly frivolous. Honest yet optimistic. Self-assured but nowhere near self-absorbed. Eric’s newest album is a toe-tapping, sometimes tear-jerking, joy to listen to.”
Thomas McKenzie (pastor Church of the Redeemer, Nashville, TN)

“Eric has written a really beautiful collection of songs here. I’m proud of him. I would say that the theme of this record is a movement from darkness to light–which might also be the theme of Eric’s soul at the moment. We tried to capture that in the recordings. There are definitely some dark moments (fittingly so), but the songs always seem to step into the light. You’re really going to like BiRDS OF RELOCATiON. I do.”
Ben Shive (producer, singer-songwriter)

“I have been a huge fan of Eric’s music for a long time. The beautifully personal and revealing songs on this new record not only make me love Eric’s art even more, they make me love Eric more. BiRDS OF RELOCATiON is an open window into the heart of a brilliantly broken man.”
Andy Gullahorn (singer-songwriter)

“Eric has been writing great songs for a more than a decade, but his newest album, BiRDS OF RELOCATiON, feels like a much-anticipated arrival. It feels like the culmination of a life-long journey through the highs and lows of the human heart. Each time the last notes of the record fade, I feel like I’ve stepped back from a window, having been, for a short time, a voyeur peering into the epic, and ultimately victorious, struggle of another soul.”
A. S. “Pete” Peterson (The Rabbit Room, author of The Fiddler’s Gun and Fiddler’s Green)

“I’m not surprised by Eric Peters anymore. Mostly because I’ve come to expect this sort of thing from him…yet another amazing collection of songs, each one it’s own journey. It’s whimsical in ways but in an instant becomes the cry of every man’s heart to be loved with songs like “Soul and Flesh”. No, BiRDS OF RELOCATiON is not a surprise…I can pretty much bank on the fact that every two years or so another Eric Peters record will wind up among my top choices for the year. But this one might well be his best ever.”
Bebo Norman (BEC recording artist)

” BiRDS OF RELOCATiON is an inspiring album for so many reasons. The inspiration that sticks with me between listens is that intangible feeling that comes after listening to a great collection of well-crafted, well-produced songs. Makes me want to relocate back into my studio and create, think, ponder, and worship the God of ALL creation. The sonic landscape that accompanies Eric’s earnest and honest vocal performances is rich and tasteful. The sounds on this album not only affirm Eric’s creativity, but also Ben Shive’s instinct as a producer.”
David Spencer (producer)

“Eric Peters’ music is at the top of what gets played around my house, in my car and while I am running.  I am a big fan.  He writes incredibly honest and poetic lyrics coupled with memorable pop melodies and I can think of no better combination.”
Jill Phillips (singer-songwriter)

“The bright, summery nature of BiRDS OF RELOCATiON gives Eric Peters’ incredible vulnerability a new level upon which to fly. A beautiful, soaring record that deserves to be heard by many.”
Matt Conner (pastor, writer)

“This is Eric’s best record, and I’ve been a fan of the earlier records. BiRDS OF RELOCATiON has a brightness to it, not a false naivete, but a fresh-breeze-after-a-storm kind of clarity. He gets bits of truth stuck in my head all day. Can’t ask for more than that.”
Andrew Osenga (singer-songwriter, producer)

“Eric Peters doesn’t write songs as much as he opens up a vein and bleeds them. That’s why his songs feel more like a transfusion than anything else.  His music is most meaningful, I think, to others who have lost some blood of their own. To them his songs are life giving and saving.

Not to belabor the metaphor, but I think we live in a culture that by and large refuses to bleed or otherwise enter the gift of our pain. But the slow death of denial keeps us from finding our hearts and ultimately from truly coming alive.  Into this world, then, comes the gift of Eric Peters’ music that wounds while it heals. Eric’s audience is likely to always be that brave but small group of people who aren’t afraid of the sight of blood because they recognize it as the life-giving force that it is.

It falls upon the living to care for the dying. Most of the hymns of our pop culture are broken anthems to self-indulgence and escapism that lead to a literal dead end. In a culture that sends Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’ to the top of the charts, the humanity of Eric Peters’ ‘Voices’ is especially meaningful.

The more I hear Eric’s music, the more aware I am of how generous he is, always giving away every bit of hope for the journey as he finds it. When I buy an Eric Peters record, I’m not just adding to my music library, I’m participating in his artistry and making space in the world for songs that bleed life, truth, hope, and beauty.”
Jason Gray (Centricity Music recording artist)

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